Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stop the Tyranny, Impeach President Obama

Right Of Armed Self-defense Against Tyranny NOT Negotiable, Mr. Obama

Angry Obama SC Right of armed self defense against tyranny NOT negotiable, Mr. Obama
A nationwide appeal has been sent to gun owners and their families asking they go to their state capitol this Saturday, January 19, from noon to 3 p. m. to show support for our 2nd Amendment rights. In Florida, gun owners are asked to meet in the “middle of the state” at noon, at the Hernando County Fairgrounds, 6436 Broad St., Brooksville, FL 334601.
This urgent call to action is in response to the Barack Obama/Joe Biden/Dianne Feinstein legislative aim of imposing bans on arbitrarily selected groups of firearms and accessories. One North Carolina police lieutenant warns internet audiences that ”We’re in huge trouble.” A devout Christian, the 31 year police veteran tells listeners that “I cry. . .when guns are gone, you won’t be able to worship the Creator. ..gone. . .Freedoms gone.”
An officer who lives near the site of the Sandy Hook killings is concerned that “We are being set up to confiscate our guns. . .we can’t back away. . .these people are coming at us head on. . .we must tell our legislators…we will not tolerate confiscation or ban[s] on our guns.”
When asked what he thought about Obama wanting to take our guns, an elderly veteran at a Florida rec hall said “That’s not happening.” Quoting the soldier’s oath, he said. . .”to defend [the Constitution of the United States] against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” He emphasized domestic.
Firearms trainer and consultant Kelly Alwood would agree with the old soldier. “[Without the Second Amendment] there is no way to resist the government voiding all other amendments,” said Alwood during an interview with the Blaze. “Why should [the government] continue to give you your freedom of speech if there is no one to stop them? It [the 2nd Amendment] is the only safeguard we have to protect us from a tyrannical government.”
Naturally, the left is eager to ridicule “worriers” like Alwood, immediately characterizing all who voice such concerns as ‘nuts’ or ‘conspiracy theorists.’ But mistrust of the motives of governments that have disarmed their “subjects” is quite legitimate as the histories of Nazi Germany, the USSR, and China have so clearly illustrated.
To the Founders of this nation, the right to keep and bear arms became nothing more complicated than “…the right of armed self-defense against tyranny.” Indeed, that was the purpose of this right as later expressed in the 2nd Amendment. And in spite of the best efforts of modern hoplophobes and would-be tyrants to confuse the issue, it has not changed to this day.
For as eager as gun-banning politicians have been to change the focus of the gun control discussion to one of hunting or target shooting, the truth of their disarmament agenda never stays hidden for long. New York Governor Cuomo made that clear with his statement that “confiscation might be an option” when placed in conjunction with his plans for an “assault weapons” ban.
Sorry, Mr. Governor. We’ll not negotiate away our means of remaining free from the likes of you.
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